The boat that fits in your backpack可装进背包的船-ag真人游戏

产品中心 | 2020-10-06


ag真人游戏-A new full-sized foldable plastic boat that can carry one person can be transformed from an 8ft by 5ft flat sheet into a rowing boat by a single person in two minutes, using only three components, the Daily Mail reported.据《每日邮报》报导,只需一个人,就能在2分钟内,用3个组件把一张8×5英尺的平板变为一艘新型的塑料拉链船,这种船仅有能载一个人。The 800 pounds foldboat can be folded up and carried around in a backpack.它可以拉链一起,放到背包里,售价为800英镑。Its designers Max Frommeld, 29, and Arno Mathies, 26, were both studying for their Master degrees in production design at Londons Royal College of Art when they came up with the idea.这一创新来自伦敦皇家艺术学院的两名学生,29岁的马克思·弗洛米尔德和26岁的阿诺·马蒂斯,他们都在修读产品设计硕士学位。